About Us

is a unique combination of companies that provide programs that better match the personal needs of employees and their families.  Benefit choices you make today can have a profound impact on your employee satisfaction, productivity and your corporate bottomline.  

Delivering the Promise of Excellence

Our goal is to provide targeted family oriented benefits that become a corporate profit center.  Helping employees stay focused, productive, present and effective in their job performance is the hallmark of the programs provided by ALLEGION partners.

We are commited to empowering employees with our resources, support and information required for a more positive working experience.

The heart of ALLEGION is centered on quality and caring. We touch the lives of people everyday.

ALLEGION'S low cost high impact family benefits of choice include:
  • Corporate Health Screenings and Wellness Solutions
  • Employee Caregiving Resources, Programs and Education
  • Online Family Education and Child Development
  • Comprehensive Life Planning for Families with Special Needs
  • Family Legacy Video Productions
  • Nannies and Academic Tutors

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